Nova Raw Juice Bar

Nourishing the body outside and inside.

Juicing has been in the Nova family for years, we think we are a smooth-ie bunch, so we are loving passing the benefits on to you. We still serve coffee, because, well, coffee!

Pop by our bar for a taste of goodness, whatever your healthy tipple may be.

Beetroot, Matcha, Turmeric Lattes served hot, Kombucha served chilled.

Open Weekdays 8am to 4pm

Saturday 9am to 2pm

We’re a ‘quiet cafe’ so turn off your phone, take off your shoes, plug in your earphones and enjoy the space.

We’re committed to being as plastic-free and eco-friendly as we can, so bring your own keep-cup, or containers if you’re looking for takeaway food and drinks.

All food freshly prepared, home cooked, with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free options, and you can have your coffee, half-caf, full-caf, decaf, mocha-choca-latte-luscious – just as you like it!

This just in : You can relax in our beautiful cafe before or after your Yoga class or wellness treatment!

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